I approached their offices with much optimism! Well, maybe guarded optimism.

Meet Jamie Leece, VP of Business Development at Take 2 Interactive. He greeted me warmly, even after I had bugged him a few times with my incessant phone calls! :) He's psyched about their new properties, no doubt about it. But they're not announcing anything official yet. Too early. In the meantime, he's aware of the Fanfest and will make the effort to get a bunch of folks to show up to greet the community. If you're coming to the fanfest, let them know how much you care for Myth and think it can be extended into new horizons. I hear folks are already generating 'wish lists' for Myth III, or even Myth 2 Expansion Paks!

If his company is willing, I hope to stay in touch with Mr. Leece over the coming weeks, as well as the folks in Gathering of Developers. ::crosses fingers::

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