Bungie Munchies - Macworld Expo NY 2001

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The first day of the Expo, Claude and I wandered around the show floor and checked out the new toys.

Claude and the new Quicksilver G4.

That night, a few bungie.org personnel got together and hung out. I used to play pool regularly so I knew this particular joint, Amsterdam Billiards, is great for pool and beverages.

Harry and the gang play some eight-ball.

Move the chalk!

Miguel sets up a killer shot (not)

What a cool T-Shirt!

Wow, everyone's wearing one! :-)

A few of us met up on Thursday and decided to have dinner. By sheer coincidence, we were near a well-rated Peruvian restaurant. Being a native, I could vouch for the deliciousness of the cuisine. Being a vegetarian as well, those days of eating animal flesh are long gone, so I had some rice and beans instead. I think everyone enjoyed the 'Pollo ala Brasa' and other dishes.

The gang gets ready to pose.


Andrew Meggs had posted over at MWA's forum that Myth III would be shown in some capacity at Macworld Expo. However, when we went to Macsoft's booth, no one claimed to know what we were talking about. :( So we gave up and just browsed the Expo floor. I did a double-take when I passed by ATI's booth! THEY had the special game build! :)

This is the person that worked at GodGames and was playing what appeared to be an alpha or maybe more accurately a 'show build' of Myth III!

I immediately got on my cell phone and called as many hardcore Mythers as I knew around the show floor, so they could partake in this very cool piece of software. Above is David Bricker (Myrchlamidia), showing off his mad skillz.

Soon enough, my fellow order members of Clan Plaid showed up, and here you see Tom (Muffinhead) and Douglas (Black Cat) poring over the Myth III alpha build, watched on by Joshua (Deimos/3of9), of Subnova.com fame.

An out-of-focus shot, but I wanted to record for posterity that *yes* this is some kind of alpha build. That's the force-quit box you're seeing up there! If you tried to do something it didn't expect, the machine (IIRC, a 733 G4) crashed hard.

Douglas took the build out for a spin. We noticed that it only worked reliably in 640x480 resolution and that it was in windowed mode. That will all change in the final version, of course, but we thought it was worth noting.

So I decided to take up close and personal shots of the game. Check out the Myrks. WARNING: With no tripod and the camera flash turned off (so you can actually make out what's on the screen) I did my best to hold the camera steady. A few shots are quite blurry so my apologies.

Up close with Soulblighter (Damas) and a Heron Guard. Notice that the map is very tall.

Soulblighter's taunt is of the 'come on, want some of this?' flavor.

The Heron Guard's taunt is a very sleek 'slice the air with my sharp swords' move.

It's a shame this shot is so blurry, since it's the lovable dwarf laying down some satchels.

In conclusion, I had seen a version of Myth III at E3 a few months back, but now I was allowed to actually play a rough build of the game, as well as show it to some other Myth fans. While there's still numerous facets of the game that were not in this build (the 'gravity-affected' blood for example) I still had fun playing it. Many thanks to the Myth III team for making this a most welcome surprise!

The show was shutting down, and we still had some time to kill, so we hung out in a lounge area and wasted some time before heading out.

I finally got to meet the very funny John Jennings, aka Lophan. He co-runs Myth@bungie.org. He's old school Myth, so I was really looking forward to breaking bread with him.

Here I am looking goofy while Sarwat smirks and David just plain laughs. :)

From left to right, Steve, Josh, Kammy, Mark, Douglas, Tim, and Tom. Dey iz chillin'!

John does his best to unload his client's Webvan shares before the opening bell Monday morning. :)

The dinner itself was a blast! The food was delicious and I think everyone had their fill. At the end we had some beautiful desserts. It's too bad that our special guest Peter, aka Mordia of Bungie Studios, missed his train and arrived about an hour late. There was food left over for him but I'm sorry he didn't get a chance to enjoy it at a nice comfortable pace. He still went above and beyond by announcing his very own 'Halo Update'! (it was Friday, so one was due, right?) Unfortunately I wasn't within earshot to listen in.

He did bring some Bungie swag to give away. No pictures but here's the list: A slick Oni mousepad, a long-sleeve Bungie 'Don't make us kick your ass' shirt, and a sack-less Action Sack. :) I decided to give them away in an unusual but entertaining manner: The 3 people who guessed closest to how many keys were on my keychain would get the prize. Fortunately, 3 folks guessed right on the money (13 keys), and they happily took their Bungie swag!

The dessert was so delicious, it must get it's own picture. I forgot to take pics of the meal itself. Count your blessings, since I hear cleaning up drool spilled into a keyboard is not easy. :)

BM Attendees!

I spliced some shots together. Unfortunately a few folks didn't make it into this shot. And some folks, I'm sure, wish they had a second chance at a better expression on their face! Still, I think it's great and captures the mood at the party.

Want to see this in a large size? (116K)

So after the dinner party broke up, some of us decided to walk around a bit and maybe find a place to drink and chat. Since half of the crowd was under drinking age, we eventually gave up. But we still had some fun.

All this store needs is a big "I KIK U" underneath the OMG. :)

I think Hamish's good wishes were in the air. As we were debating whether or not to try to sneak the kids into one bar (note to parents: they weren't going to drink alcoholic beverages, just soda), the doors opened and this started to pour out. It looks like some kind of Irish models or beauty pageant celebration. They were posing for some professional photographer so I couldn't resist taking some as well. Hey look, some of them even smiled back at me. :)

Yah, like you wouldn't want to see more beautiful Irish lassies.

I figured I could show the folks an interesting NYC landmark before we all went our own ways. So as we were mingling with young punks, skateboarders, and all-around homies, we posed here in front of the Astor Place Cube.

I personally invited a few folks to come stay overnite at my place to do a little LAN gaming. After a rather stressful drive back to my place, (you don't want to know) we proceeded to game all the way into the wee hours of the night. At this point I'd like to thank my wife and family for putting up with an all night affair such as this. Dreamcast, Marathon, Myth, Summoner, and DVD watching: It was pretty noisy! :)

Have Blue


Louis Wu

Black Cat #CP

TomeOne and Deimos

Marathon action!

Myrch eventually made it into the games. Here he is cheering some of the players on.

Panamon wins a game!

Marathon gives me motion sickness, so I played some Mythical Solos with Black Cat and Panamon.

At the end, we watched some weird DVD's into the wee hours of the morning. By mid-afternoon Saturday, everything was back to normal at my place.

So thanks to all of you for making this a great event! Though we know each other from Bungie games, the real purpose of BM is to hang out and talk with like-minded folks. At the same time, I'd like to personally thank Peter of Bungie Studios for coming by and reminding us that Bungie is still around. I'm glad I got to meet some new faces as well as some old ones.

Take care!

- Miguel Chavez


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