Brian's Bungie Adventure

Wish Day! 

Day 5 - Thursday, August 16, 2001

at Bungie!

Brian was all smiles ALL day!

(I'm not including a lot of pictures or information here at the moment. Time is a factor, but I'm also not sure what we're permitted to show and/or say. All three boys and I signed an agreement to not disclose anything : (

The All-Star limo picked us up directly in front of the hotel at 9 AM. This is only the front half!
 "J," our driver, opens the door for the gang.
 Strategy sessions take place in the limo before arriving at Microsoft.


Rick Ryan, Project Director for HALO game, greets gang.  HALO is about to be released by Microsoft.
 Rick shoots gang outside Bungie Headquarters.
Michelle, from Make a Wish, and Julie from Bungie, explain the itinerary and rules of secrecy.  We will view games in development from Microsoft and other game makers with the elite review team from Microsoft.


 Our first stop was at the Microsoft Home - a look at what a networked house might be like in the next 2-6 years. Brian J. is ready for the digital piano!
The boys were able to spend some of Julie's allotment on software, etc. We need to visit her often! : )


Heading to Mt. Rainer (Friday around noon) - more later ...

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