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Experience the Halo Effect

You're invited to Brian's End of Chemo Party in Altoona, PA.

March 8, 2002
6 PM

Church Service

6:30 PM

Dinner catered by Paesano's
(Brian's favorite family-owned Italian restaurant)

7:30 PM

Introductions and Updates

8:30 PM - midnight

Let the games begin!

March 9, 2002
to 8 AM

Lock-in; Games continue for Marathon Gamers

8 AM - 4 PM

Party On!

4 PM

The Party's Over : (

 Please RSVP Brian at superissy9@mac.com with the following information:

Pictures from the Party

Many males locked in a dark room...
they must be up to no good!

Some old guy crashed the party and got to
try Halo. We hear he liked it.

Brian glued to the screen.

Playing with the fortune egg.

One of 2,401 games of Halo played.

Miguel begs a ride. Brian laughs.

Cleaning up. Everybody gone now.