Brian's Bungie Adventure

Day 3 - Tuesday, August 14, 2001
at Linnfield Collegen in McMinnville, Oregon

We headed for Oregon around 9:15 AM. It was tough for Brian to get up - I think he's adjusting to the Pacific time, too. However, the purpose of the trip was to meet Kam, an online friend, so that helped motivated him.

(No time to upload all the bigger images at the moment. We're headed for the market and Museum of Flight (Wednesday). We'll update this later, so check back if you want!)


"Em...Kam?  Answer us!"
Kam ponders whether he really wants to let his fellow Wolves in.
"Maybe Jamin came help us get this thing to work".

"Let's try in back. I see an open window. KAM, IS THAT YOU?!"
Kam is discovered in his rear window. With a nervous laugh he reluctantly decides to come down.
Brian and Brian stand in awe as they finally stare upon their long time friend who has worked up the courage to open the door.


Brian J runs and flings himself on a terrified Kam. Shortly after, the other Brian joins him and reinforces Kam's initial impression: "These Guys are freaks"

After a joyful meeting (at least that's what the guys said), Jamin remembered that he had some parents outside. Kam was sent down to greet us and lead us to his room.

Here the three amigos stand side-by-side deep inside Kam's dwelling.  Brian and Brian smile with hands crossed after successfully pickpocketing the unsuspecting Kam Figy.


Here stands the monument that symbolizes and enables the friendship between Kamsar and the Brians.  This is the common element, and the single necessity to sharing the many experiences and ideas between the three friends and it represents another dimension of true camaraderie through cyber space.


The three amigo's meet inside "Izzy's" which is pronounced the same way that Brian's Internet nick- name is spoken.

Here they look out on paradise. An all you can eat salad/pizza/internation/dessert bar beckons to their growling stomachs.

Another Internet friend meets them at "Izzy's." His real name is Brian, pushing the total of Brian's to three. His internet nick is "Dark Star".

Brian and another Brian reminisce about the future in their gaming community.

Jamin and Kam engage in a hot debate over some "other" computer game.

Jamin, Kam, Brian, Brian, and Brian struggle to stand after their assualt on "Izzy's" salad bar.  They pose shortly before returning to the dorm, leaving "Izzy's" with one of the least profitable days in their history.  However, on the other hand "Issy" had a very profitable dining experience with two Internet buddies for the very first time.

More to come .... from back at the dorm.

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