Brian's Bungie Adventure

Day 2 - Monday, August 13, 2001

Brian J. was first to wake up, we think. We spent a leisurely morning after finding a small grocery store which had muffins, drinks and snacks a little less expensive than the hotel. Brian M. woke up around 9:30 AM PST - not bad! The three boys had great fun translating movies they found on an international channel. I think they've found their calling!

Here's one of who knows how many pigs in Seattle. I took several yesterday for Lisa, and have since seen about 20 more. Seems that they have something to do with a charitable project. We're still trying to find out more info. This is one of Brian J's assignments!


Brian, Brian, and Lowell in the lobby of the Hotel Vintage Park. Lowell is not a member of Wolfpack, but he is an online friend.

The Red Robin was recommended as a great place for burgers. This is the original one.

Can you guess what these guys were talking about?

Great view from the Red Robin!




Brian wanted to return to the hotel with Lowell (in the mirror) to show him a mod of Myth.
Love that technology! Brian's not spending nearly the same amount of time on the computer as normal, but he's making up for it by talking to friends on the phone and actually meeting some in person. (Tomorrow we head to Oregon to meet Kam.)

No pictures from the late afternoon/evening. Sorry!

We had some disappointing news after Lowell left. I called Nova, the Make a Wish coordinator here, about having Brian's two friends from Oregon come along on the Bungie tour. She said unfortunately, no way. It sounds as though this tour is going to be very special and that Brian will see some things that are "top secret."

So, a "bummed out" Brian agreed that the next best thing would be to travel to see Kam tomorrow. Fred helped make the arrangements with Kam and we'll be doing a lot of driving - to Oregon - tomorrow to visit with him. I'm hoping that we can also see Mt. Ranier, but that may not be possible. We did see an IMAX movie tonight about the eruption at Mt. St. Helen's, so I'm afraid we'll have to give up seeing the actual site, Kimmie. Just too many other complications and things Brian wants to do.

We almost went on a Harbor Cruise, but couldn't find a parking place in time to make the boat - hopefully we'll do that another day. We also almost went on the Underground Seattle tour (the old city is underground), but Brian felt it might be too much walking. So, we ended up visiting the Seattle Aquarium for a short time - very nicely done - and then the IMAX movie.

  I took this picture for Dad. This building is really amazing - it's very high and has a very unusual base.
Dinner at Benihana's was interesting as usual. Brian J. had never been there before. We've been there at least once and possibly twice.
Talking about eating shrimp for the first time (especially after just visiting the Seattle Aquarium!) from Brian's own mouth, "I don't know if I can do this." 
"I'm glad I have a pocket!"

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