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MWC2000 Player Profile
Ar-Isildur of Wolfpack
- -/-/- - - -
Myth II name
Myth II login superissy9
Real name Brian
Location Altoona, PA
Favorite unit 83 peasant (cheering)
Favorite map Siege (currently in beta testing)
Favorite game CTF
Many people upon seeing Ar-Isildur on bungie.net or elsewhere assume that he is named after Isildur who cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand (from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings). While inspired, this simply is not true.

You see, the hero Isildur had a Black Numenorean cousin. This cousin was also named Isildur, and because he was a king in Haradrim, he called himself Ar-Isildur (the "Ar" of course is adunac for "King", and if you are learned in Tolkien lore you will see the sheer irony in the nature between the royal title and the name "Isildur").

As one would expect, the hero Isildur and Ar-Isildur are complete opposites in every conceivable way. Isildur is polite, generous, and humble. Ar-Isildur is rude, selfish, and continually brags about that one time he killed 24 soulless with 1 wight. Isildur lusts for battle. Ar-Isildur lusts for doughnuts. Isildur is limb lithe and very athletic. Ar-Isildur can't move his fat ass out of his computer chair (or maybe he just doesn't want to). Thus Ar-Isildur fights his foes the only way he can, over the internet.

He fights with the grim efficiency of a turtle. He has decided to take part in the MWC tournament in order to prove himself above the hero Isildur and his army. Unfortunately for him, he failed to realize Isildur did not have a computer, much less the internet. Nonetheless, Ar-Isildur is a worthy foe, except when it comes down to actually _playing_ the game.

MWC2K Threat Assessment:
*Ar-Isildur is an experienced member of WP, and can be as tough as they come.

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