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Brian's Bungie Adventure

(Brian's Make a Wish Trip to Bungie Company, now a division of Microsoft, in Redmond, Washington, 
August 12-18th, 2001)

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Suzie, Brian, and Bob are thrilled to find out about Brian's Make-a-Wish itinerary. The highlight will be a trip to Bungie on Thursday, August 16th, but Bob had some great suggestions for eating places!

(Actually, the trio posed for me! I want Maria, one of Brian's home nurses to see this smile.)

We finally left Altoona around 5:15 PM on Saturday, August 11th. These guys look like they're ready to go!

Sunday, August 12th
Hard to believe, but this is Brian at 6:20 AM Sunday morning. He didn't think he slept at all in State College. Perhaps that's why he's so wide awake!
The airport was not far from State College and the Days Inn. We boarded on time, but were delayed in Philadelphia more than an hour - mechanical problems with the plane coming from Pittsburgh. They sent a different one, thank heavens.


We arrived in Seattle around 5 PM EST. Julie, a recruiter for Microsoft and a Make A Wish volunteer,  was there to meet Brian. 

This is one of our first views of the city. We didn't really have any problems leaving the airport. Our rental vehicle, an SUV is a little snug in the back seat, but we hope to work on that. (No, I don't think any of us will lose weight on this trip, unfortunately!)

We arrived at the Hotel Vintage Park in downtown Seattle and found two wonderful rooms. Fred, Jamin, and I have a large room with a king size bed and pull out couch. Brian and Brian have two full size beds. After checking out our rooms (adjoining) we walked to the Typhoon, a Thai restaurant near the waterfront, around 4:30 Seattle time.The food was wonderful! Returning to the hotel via taxi (too far uphill) Brian called an online friend and has arranged to meet him for lunch tomorrow. I think we'll all sleep well tonight.

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