January 30, 2003

Destineer Acquires MacSoft

As reported on Blue's News, Destineer has acquired Infogrames' MacSoft business unit. Whoa, this reporter says, what a trip! For those of you playing at home here is how the circular career of Destineer president Peter Tamte has gone:

1) Tamte founds MacSoft for WizardWorks. 2) He then jumps onto Apple Computer like an oversexed hippo. 3) He joins Bungie. 4) When Bungie is acquired by Microsoft, he founds Destineer. 5) Acting like a vengeful fetch, Tamte acquires MacSoft from Infogrames, who had no idea what to do with it. 6) Long time MacSoft employees rejoice while Tamte gruesomly beheads many of the senior management. 7) Victorious and covered with dried blood, Tamte laughs like Soulblighter.

Well, it's nice to see the Tamte has come home again. Overall, I think so many Mac titles being held by a smaller company is a very good thing. Mac users rejoice!

Peter Tamte

Peter TamteStatus: Former Bungie
Last Sighted: 01/30/2003
Doing: Mac world domination.

Former executive vice president, Bungie. Left Bungie after Microsoft acquisition to start Destineer Studios. Oversaw the acquisition of MacSoft.

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Destineer Acquires Infogrames' MacSoft Business Unit (Blue's News)
Interview: Destineer's Peter Tamte (Inside Mac Games)
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Interview with Peter Tamte (MacWorld, 1999)

Posted by poenadare at January 30, 2003 05:07 PM

Somewhere between #1 and #2, I walk up to him at a Macworld Expo and make fun of some MacSoft game while Alex looks on and laughs.

I took no prisoners.

Posted by: Miguel on January 31, 2003 03:37 PM
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