What's old is new again

Wow. Pretty amazing. 10 years ago MS acquired Bungie and the Bungie fan community was in an uproar. Bungie is over! They're sellouts! MS doesn't care about Bungie or its fans. Bungie can't hope to win against the monolithic entity known as MS!

Fast forward several years later, mega-franchise Halo under their belts, maneuvering out of MS unscathed, promising new IP on the horizon... so what do they do?

Get into bed with Activision?

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Community pages no more...

Geocities.com is closing today. Gone. Zilch. Zip. Nada.


If you do a google search like this or this or this or this,

You'll find dozens of sites that cropped up starting way back in the 90's born out of love for Bungie's games. I hope, though I doubt, that the owners of these sites backed up their pages somewhere! Lots of effort there (no matter how amateurish) that will disappear after today. :(

Ironically, yah, I know it's been ages since anyone's posted here. And goodness there are definitely pages that could use an update. It's under the good graces of our overlord Wu that this site still exists, and we're grateful to him! Unlike the fate of geocities, it's likely this site will exist for a long time to come! Still, the day of Bungie needed fan-driven support for their marketing outreach has gone the way of the dodo. They're one of the big boys now and a surface attempt to post something here that a) isn't about Halo and b) contributes something beyond the standard rah-rah is not easy for this old brain nowadays. But who knows? :)

New Game

The few hundred Bungie employees must be doing something to kill time up there in the Studio. What can it be?

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One chance, and one chance only...

So, if you had the opportunity to ask Jason Jones one question, and one question only, what would it be?

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Nail in the coffin for Halo Movie?

As reported in Variety and Deadline Hollywood Daily, Larry Shapiro has left his position at CAA. What's the big deal? Remember when Bungie would mention how they were meeting with CAA and shopping the Halo script around to movie production houses? Larry apparently was a big part of making those kind of meetings happen.

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Halo at Video Games Live concert

The evening of March 31, 2007, Louis Wu and I (and my son, Rafi) met at Yale's Woosley Hall in New Haven, CT for the phenomenon that is Video Games Live. The premise is video game music played by a symphony/choir. We had a great time! It definitely ran the gamut of games - starting with Pong and moving onwards. Did we get to hear Halo theme music in all it's symphonic glory? Does a grunt crap in its hermetically-sealed, methane-filled pants?

Below the fold there be more commentary, and actual VIDEO!

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Alex to Keynote at Vancouver International Game Summit

Excited much? If any faithful readers will happen to be in the Vancouver area Friday, May 4, get yerself over to this conference and let us know what The Man has to say!

The Bungie Acronym Compendium

JNAMSTFY. DMUKYA. ABTFIPASO5. These cryptic identifiers have entertained, enightened, frustrated, and confounded Bungie fans since the early days in Chicago. Found on nearly every game and soundtrack created or licensed by Bungie, a surprising number of these enigmatic acronyms remain unsolved.

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Bye bye game debris

If you check out the latest Bungie Weekly Update (I link to the b.org copy as it loads so clean and fast) you'll find an interesting tidbit that may spell doom to future 'prizes' in the next Bungie game.

Noguchi has been "making a pony." Since he always speaks in metaphor I was annoyed, until he explained that he literally called a new tool/command, xsync-pony - which basically speeds up the "propping" of a build of the game to a clean Xbox 360 devkit, by eliminating code and objects that you do not need to run the current build. Which saves artists and designers a heck of a lot of time.

If you are a long time Bungie fan, you know that a common happening in our community occurs soon after Bungie releases a game... someone figures out how to hack the code in the game to see all the innards... and Bungie has a rep for leaving loose strands of code, graphics, models, maps, etc., that when discovered by us lowly fans reveals quite a bit about how the game came to fruition... what was tried and what wasn't tried, etc.

But now Noguchi's evil contraption may change all that. It seems that with just a flip of the switch, a game can be 'purged' of all older assets that are not used in the current build of the game. Great for them, but not fair to us!

Nothing's definitive though so we'll have to see how it all sorts out in the future.

Did Stubbs make an appearance?

Caught this on Slashdot. Apparently there's a 'grassroots' Zombie Lurch that has been occurring annually for the last few years, in different cities. Madison, WI (A lovely city by the way, I attended a LAN there a few years back) is this year's 'victim' of the zombie horde. You can check out a bunch of the pics here, here and here, and I must say, it looks exactly like certain scenes in Stubbs. Quite charming actually. :) One could imagine someone in that crowd is a Stubbs fan, but I didn't spot anyone trying to corner his look. Too bad. :(

As for the actual Xbox game, I'm not done with it, though I sense I'm just a few levels away from completion.

Stubbs reviews are starting to appear

1UP, the site that was hosting Alex's 'blog' about Stubbs development, has officially reviewed the game. It's basically a rave review for a fresh 'strategy/action' hybrid game that will debut for us mere mortals in just a few days.

The highlights they note are really all that we've come to expect from Bungie/Wideload... an attention to detail beyond just actual gameplay. There is wit aplenty, and the mantra, coined by Jaime back during the development of Halo 2, of '30 seconds of gameplay repeated over and over' (often misunderstood by some as an excuse for level repetition) is fully embraced in Stubbs.

Those of you planning to purchase the Xbox version of the game when it debuts this Monday, the 17th, feel free to email me a pic of you holding the game or posing it in some creative (non-filthy of course!) manner, I'll post the pic here if it's funny/compelling enough.

Once I get mine, I'll be sure to write a review. Halo 1 and 2 have spoiled me and my itch for the fabled First Person Shooter genre. I wonder how quickly I'll forget all that as I play a game that's Third Person and not quite a shooter. It's my one concern based on previous looks at the game.

UPDATE: Another thumbs-up review, this time from the folks at Gaming Horizon.

Soell sings his heart out

Read about Matt Soell and his current faves in music, books, tv, and games over at Gamasutra. It's an interesting read if you think a game is influenced by what the authors are currently into. Matt has always given his group an extra dose of irony and a twist of counter-culture (he's not the only one of course) so it's interesting to see what he considers worth consuming as a member of our pop culture.

And hey, no glasses? What, you trying to go legit or something Matt? :)

Thanks to a heads up by Roger Wilco at the HBO forums.

Stubbs is stubb-elicious

I had the pleasure of visiting Wideload recently and was impressed with their progress on the game. It's coming along really well and the hints of multiple-platform simul-release seems like a sure thing. And if not simul, then near-simul. But the most important bit of info I gleaned from these talented folks is that they're having alot of fun, are full of ideas (that they would not tell me, of course) and feel real good about the future. This portends great things, methinks.

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Bungie Bails Boring Building Block!

It seems that Bungie is moving out of their Microsoft offices and into a hundred-year-old hardware store in nearby Kirkland. According to the article:

"The team is running out of space and is relocating to maintain team camaraderie that they've had since moving from Chicago."

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