The Man runs the Marathon
 October 30, 2001


Alex Seropian, The Man at Bungie, is running in the 2001 NYC Marathon this weekend. The Marathon is dedicated to the Heroes and Fallen of the WTC tragedy. If you would like to sponsor Alex's run, please make a donation to either the Twin Towers Fund or the September 11th Fund and then forward the confirmation email you'll receive from either organization to along with your name and pledge amount ($1 per mile = $26, $2 per mile = $52, $5 per mile = $130, etc.). Alex will then add that to the list he'll submit that Sunday morning.

Alex did not lose any family or friends on 9/11 but luck played a very big part in that. We would like to see his luck continue and wish him the best of it in his run!

Bungie Fan bonus fun fact: This is Alex's SEVENTH run in the NYC Marathon. :)

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Yak Yak Yak
 October 24, 2001


It's been a long time coming, but finally with the help of Messrs. Errera, Bastard, TomeOne, and Yeroen I've turned on the new BS forums. It's not a done deal, but I'd like you all to give it a whirl. So sign on up and start posting.

The forums are divided into the following categories:

Announcements - I'll post about any general forum announcements here. The inaugural announcement talks a little more about what I hope to accomplish with these new forums.

Official Bungie Fanfests - Only discussion about bonafide Bungie fanfests are allowed here. The current topic? Why of course, the Official Halo Launch Party, taking place on 11/10/01 in Chicago!

Community - North America - subdivided further into Canada, East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and South. If you live in one of these quadrants and would like to organize a gathering, go right ahead!

Community - The World - subdivided into areas that I believe have Official Bungie Penetration (sounds like something the Bungie Webmaster does): Europe, Australia, and Asia. Those of you that live in these (relative to me) far off lands can now look for other Bungie fans and see about getting a LAN party together.

BS Discussion - Gabfest is for general chatter about Bungie or this site or Marty's now-gone-forever-mullet. Sightings is for actual Bungie Sightings. So if you have a picture or video of something that relates to Bungie, post it here!

News Discussion - If I put up a headline that I think is worthy of discussion, I'll link to it here. For instance, to discuss the new forums, click here!

 August 22, 2001


Exclusive! First ever Halo "Gathering" :)
 August 6, 2001

Hey, wanna play Halo? Do you happen to live near Bungie Studios, ala the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA? Are you part of the Bungie collective? Are you willing to sign an NDA? Well, you could be one lucky SOB!

From 5-9PM, on these 3 upcoming Wednesdays: Aug. 15, 22, and 29th, Bungie will have 16 slots available on a first-email, first-served basis. Calmly send an email to THIS address and list the days you'd like to play. If certain dates are an absolute impossibility, please list them as well. The folks at Bungie will do their best to accommodate everyone who applies, but obviously, they can only take so many people, so don't get your hopes up too much! Like all Official Gatherings©, pizza and beverages will be served.

This event is a gift from Bungie to their hardcore fanbase. If you're not a fan of Halo, please don't apply. Rest easy that the Bungie mind-ray can detect any treasonous actions. Don't make them kick your ass. :)

Those of you lucky bastards that *do* get to visit and playtest the game, see if you can take some pictures of your daytrip and send 'em on in. Any 'reader reports' are also welcome. You *WILL* be required to sign an NDA, so obviously, trade secrets cannot be divulged, but can somebody measure Marty's mullet? Just how big is that sucker?

Never update a website when you've been up for 24 hours straight!
 July 21, 2001

Well, after resting a bit and then putting a few hours into some HTML work, I invite you to visit the Bungie Munchies page to get the scoop on all that happened these past 4 days. Myth III, Borg T-Shirts, Dreamcast, Irish models, OMG, The Fantastic Planet on DVD, fresh tiramisu, Pollo ala Brasa, and the Astor Place Cube are just a part of the fun we had.

Many thanks to all of you that came for making the event such a blast!

More Expo fun!
 July 19, 2001

"Miguel, you can't take a picture of all us! Just give the camera to the nice waitress and she'll do it!"

"Guys, you make it sound like I don't know what I'm doi... AHH! MY EYES!"

"See, she did a much nicer job!"
(left to right: Andrew, Tom, John, Miguel, Harry, Mark, Douglas, and Kammy)

First pics from MWNY Expo!
 July 18, 2001

Some quick pics of us wearing the NEW t-shirt!
Aren't we awesome-looking? :)
Be cool like us, purchase your t-shirt now!

Claude marvels at the new G4

Bungie Munchies signup form is down!
 July 13, 2001

Well, we hit the limit early on, so I'm taking the form down. One thing I noticed in the signups... alot of folks like mashed potatoes! :)

More news as it develops...

Bungie Munchies signup form is up!
 July 9, 2001

The signup form is up! Since seats are limited, you have only 1 week to fill out the form. Even if you make it within the first week, if we go over capacity, I'm sorry but you won't be able to attend. So fill it out already!

NOTE: I hear that folks using NS 4.x don't see all the text on the left table since it runs into the middle dividing line. Be extra careful and read all the text. Highlighting it with your mouse should make it more legible. If enough folks complain, I'll make it one long form. Sorry about that!

The forum is down!
 July 9, 2001

The forum, after getting put to good use during the whole Glyph puzzle adventure, is now turned off. As a testament to the creative energies expended, it will remain in it's entirety, but no further posts will be accepted.

I have a new forum ready to launch very soon, and I hope it fulfills several functions for the Bungie fan community.

Update on the Glyphs and... Bungie Munchies in July!
 June 29, 2001

Well, it's been awhile! The most obvious item to note is that the Seven Glyph riddle was finally solved on June 18. So after a month of head scratching and over close to 3000 posts in our forum, the collective strengths of curious readers broke the 3 part riddle. borg's very own Mikey was behind its conception. Mucho thanks to Mike for giving many of us sleepless nights! :) So what was the point of the riddle? Head on over to, enter in ARCHIVE and OUTLINE for the name and password respectively, and check out all the very cool Marathon development pages/ads/bumper stickers (!) that have never been shown publically until now!

Looking forward, folks have been asking me: What's going to happen during Macworld Expo New York later in July? Well, the facts are this:

1. Bungie will not have a booth. This should be obvious... they are now part of M$oft, and are busy wrapping up Halo. Although a Mac port of Halo is on the roadmap, it's too far away to do any sort of marketing for it.

2. Hamish Sinclair, due to some new job opportunities, will not be able to attend MWNY. You will be missed, Mr. S, but best of luck to you in your new assignment! We hope to see you next year, if not sooner!

3. I think these gatherings are best for getting your fellow player friends together in one spot. Although it's great to meet Matt, Peter, Max and the rest of the gang, I think we all have as much fun chatting with fellow gamers.

4. I love to eat. :)

So with that in mind, what I will be arranging is not an actual Bungie Fanfest, but something I'm going to call Bungie Munchies. I've picked a lovely italian restaurant in Manhattan and have made tentative reservations. How does July 20th, Friday, at 6pm grab you? I will have a form up in the next 24/48 hours and if you're interested, please sign up and pick the meal you would be interested in, and the top 4-5 meals will be ordered for us to dig in to. They serve 'family portions' meaning 1 dish can feed about 3-4 people, so picking the most popular selections will be, I think, the fairest way to go.

The price? I'm going to try to keep it at $20 or so per person. That sounds acceptable, doesn't it?

Those of that can't make it to BM, not to worry, if you'd still like to meet some of your fellow Bungie Game players, we'll arrange a meeting place somewhere on the show floor during the expo.

Until the sign-up form is up, please feel free to email me any comments or questions.

Oh, yes, there is the possibility of some Bungie related surprises, but hey, no promises, OK? :)

I'm back...
 May 29, 2001

I was away on another crazy trip this past week. Had a bunch of fun with the Myth clan, Geezers from Hell. Elder Geezer Thumper threw a LAN party in Tucson, Arizona. LAN gaming is the epitome of the computer gaming experience. There's no topping such interaction with fellow gamers. My most warmest thanks to Thumper and his lovely family for hosting such a fabulous event. And my thanks to the rest of the folks there, it was a blast!

I'm glad to see that while I was away, many angles re: the "Seven Dials," as Hamish has coined it, are being investigated.

One obvious correction to my post below is that the 7 Dials have no relation to Phoenix, the little known game in development from Bungie Studios.

My final note to the borg crew in the know about this puzzle: If the answer turns out to be really goofy and/or a letdown of sorts, I'll owe all the perpetrators a wedgie. ;-)

I need to catch up on some RL work, but expect an update of sorts very soon. There's even more video still left to post from the E3 convention 2 weeks ago!

Oh yes, some folks have asked for my PO Box address. Here it is:

Bungie Sightings
P.O. Box 570643
Whitestone, NY 11357

A challenge to you all re: Phoenix!
 May 24, 2001

Will SOME of you folks that are uber good at deciphering stuff PLEASE PLEASE take a look at the upper graphic over at and try to figure out what the HECK it means! :-)

I know for a fact that it is worthy of ALL of our attention. However, I'm at a loss as to where to begin.

Here it is:

I also direct you to the site and the graphic there:

Notice also that there's some hidden text in the source code on that page... to whit:

"you may win the wall in spite both of trepeget and mangonel"

A quick search for both those terms produced these links (among hundreds):

Seige Engines


The site Bibliomania defined Trebuchet thusly:

"2. A military engine used in the Middle Ages for throwing stones, etc. It acted by means of a great weight fastened to the short arm of a lever, which, being let fall, raised the end of the long arm with great velocity, hurling stones with much force."

It's obvious that Phoenix is along the lines of Myth, in that it revolves around medieval warfare, but how does the above Glyph further our understanding of the game or the storyline? Any takers?

Discuss it here: A challenge to you all!

Fanfest V Report done!
 May 22, 2001

In what has to be a record, I've finished my Fanfest V / E3 report! It's available on the Fanfest V page. As I said earlier, I could never have done this without the help of Claude, Harry, Tom, Mike, and the rest of the volunteers and Bungie staff.

I have more video clips that I need to edit and compress, expect them ASAP. Thanks to all of you that have volunteered to host these movies!

T minus 1 day...
 May 15, 2001

Well I landed earlier today here in sunny Santa Monica! Check out the Fanfest V page. With the most appreciated help of fellow BORG member, Harry (of Oni Central fame), we are going to endeavor to keep that page updated as frequently as possible. Those of you that signed up for the Fanfest mailing list should get something in your mailbox later tonite.
T minus 2 days...
 May 14, 2001

Aren't you psyched? I know I am! The website for the hotel changed without my knowing it. Some other things have also been modified, so I updated the Fanfest V page. Go check it out.
Oni in the new iBook / Bungie at Sakura-Con updated
 May 1, 2001

Today Steve Jobs unveiled the newest member of the Apple hardware family, the iBook (rev 2). There is a new movie available online that showcases the iBook's raison d'etre. At around the 2 minute mark, for a brief moment, you can see an Oni game CD being inserted into the iBook's internal CD-ROM drive! Here it is:

Click on the picture to download a 900k quicktime movie showing the CD slide into the iBook.

Quicktime Required

Also, the Sakura-Con post below has been updated and moved to a separate page. Colin Ferguson and Matt Soell have kindly filled in some missing tidbits. Check it all out here.

Bungie at Sakura-Con
 April 29, 2001

I received the following email from Colin Ferguson:

Sakura-Con (an annual anime convention near Seattle) hosted four people from Bungie today at the Holiday Inn in Everett. Of those Bungie members attending, Loraine Rayes-McLees was the primary guest, but she brought along Rob McLees, Matt Soel, and (I believe) a new member of the group who stayed pretty quiet.

They were there to talk about Oni, but the GameStock Halo trailer was also shown. Most of the event consisted of a questions and answers period. I asked if we could expect to see exploding clowns as easter eggs in any of Bungie's upcoming games. Mrs. Rayes-McLees looked at me and said "You've been reading, haven't you?" while Mr. McLees just smiled. Questions from other members of the audience were about Bungie's plans for other anime-themed games, how they felt about joining Microsoft, and why Oni did not get as much hype as Halo.

Later, there was a Bungie trivia contest to win Bungie prizes. I managed to bag an Oni Soundtrack CD by correctly answering "What is Blam?" What is more, I was able to get Mrs.. Rayes-McLees to sign the insert with her name, today's date, and a small sketch-portrait of herself smiling.

Mucho thanks Colin... all of a sudden I feel like I'm intruding in Hamish's space. :-)

If there are any pictures out there of this event, be sure to send 'em here. And if you attended the event and can recall the answers to some of those questions, please feel free to send those in as well. Much appreciated!

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