Halo Totem Pole Easter Egg?

Hedgemony discovered what appears to be a totem pole-like images of creatures in certain building textures.

"The textures are like totem poles that have several faces and creatures running vertically up the walls. These sobs are there and I'm not majing this up.

At the beginning of SC they can be found in the archway of the first structure that you come across. If you go in front of this structure by going into the water, then turn to face the building they are inside the archway going back onto land. Standing in the archway look at the center of the building then zoom in with your pistol and follow the textures in the middle of the wall. They are there and on the roof as well.

On two betrayals they can be found in the tunnels before Final Run commences. They are on the walls before you make a left turn to get outside into the snow. Once again look at the middle of the wall and they will be there. They are not that obvious but can be recognised by what looks like arrow shapes pointing upward. Sounds nuts but it's really hard to describe.

The reason these are important is because they are not normal textures. They have animals and faces all lined above each other.

On the level halo they are on the buildings that fire the pulses. If you go up the ramp to this building then turn left you will see a concrete box/square. Jump onto the box and face towards the building, the texture is right in front of you. Zoom in to the wall and you can make them out. Do this now and capture them. Post them and give me some love! "
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I used my hi-def projector's built-in image capturing option to take the following shots. You'll notice that I have a hard time finding them until near the end. I didn't realize you have to practically put your face up to the wall to see these images.

0000.JPG 0001.JPG 0002.JPG
Landing on SC Can you tell I love this opening? :) Nice texture, figure I'd take a snapshot

0005.JPG 0006.JPG 0007.JPG
The entrance to AotCR Another view The wall in question

0008.JPG 0009.JPG 0012.JPG
Can't get enough of the Penumbra Effect :) Closer shot of the textures Ceiling texture... anything there?

0013.JPG 0014.JPG 0017.JPG
Wall texture, little dark Flashlight may help Almost dead center on the wall

0018.JPG 0019.JPG 0020.JPG
Little closer Ceiling again This time with flashlight

0021.JPG 0024.JPG 0025.JPG
Hey look! Buffalo! :) Closer shot of the top Ahh! Here they are!

0032.JPG 0033.JPG 0034.JPG
Closer shot of left side texture. There's a repeating pattern here. Better lit middle shot Looking up the middle

0035.JPG 0036.JPG
One more time Closer shot of the right side texture. Notice the repeating pattern?

My opinion is that either 1) the artists at Bungie were being very clever and teasing us or 2) this is what happens when a texture is used side-by-side but flipped. The 'seam' of the two textures mating creates these funny looking faces.

Used my Xbox Dev kit to remove the weapon.°

°Haha fooled ya!