Bungie Fanfest V - 05.16.2001

Insert game-crazed nerds above!

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Venue Information:
When: May 16, WEDNESDAY, from 7pm-10PM
Where: Doubletree Guest Suites 1707 Fourth Street Santa Monica, CA (near the beach!)
Price: Only $7USD per person. Adults escorting minors get in for free.
Map & Directions: Click here.

So what do you get for 7 greenbacks? Well, considering that E3 is the biggest Expo of it's kind here in the states, you can be sure that Bungie is going to have much to show off. Let me put it to you this way: bring your camcorders and digital cameras!

I'll be bringing over a 16 port hub to setup a LAN for folks to plug in their machines (laptop or desktop) and play some games. Please bring your own game CD's.

This event is open to the press. Persons under 18 years of age are strongly suggested to have an adult escort to and from the event. We are not responsible for lost items, etc. You MUST be on your best behavior. You will be ejected at the organizer's own discretion, no excuses. No early entry allowed.

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Many thanks to the fine folks at Bungie for sponsoring a large part of this Fanfest!

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