Bungie Fanfest IV, 01.12.2001

Can you imagine this place full of gamers? heh heh

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Venue Information:
When: January 12, Friday, from 6pm-9pm
Where: West Bay Conference Center 1290 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA
Price: A pathetically cheap $7USD per person. Adults escorting minors get in for free.

The Conference center is located on the corner of Fillmore and Eddy street in the New Fillmore district of San Francisco. The 22 Fillmore bus and the 31 Balboa bus both stop on the corner. If you're coming by train, the BART stations along south Market street will leave you near those bus lines. If you're going to be in the area attending Macworld Expo, rest assured that the Conference Center is also short bus ride away from Moscone Center. Click here for some maps I tweaked courtesy of BART Online.

Special Guests:
Bungie Online team: Matt Soell, Max Hoberman, Stefan Sinclair, David Candland. Bungie.net Head Admin, Peter Marks.

Surprise Guests:
???? (take a guess)

Max recently updated bungie.net with Bungie's plans for the evening (typos and all, heh):

  • Keynote Address: Matt Soell, our "Community Guy" and human pincussion, will be opening the show with what's sure to become an institution. The content is a closely guarded secret, but the keynote is sure to be interesting and informative in that special Bungie way.
  • Door Prizes: We'll see what goodies we can dig up from deep within the Bungie vault. Don't worry, we won't try to offload any XBox merchandise on you.
  • Fan Trivia Contest: We've been planning this one for a while. Sort of a cross between Millionaire, Win Ben Stein's Money, and the Dating Game. Study up on your Bungie history and you may earn a spot as one of the three luckily knowledgeable contestants, a chance to win a cool prize, and a your place in Bungie history.
  • Chat with Bungie: The entire Bungie Online Team will be there to shirk your questions and generally act aloof. See if you can sneak one past!
Is it even necessary for me to stress how cool this fanfest is going to be? Each one keeps getting better and better. The admission price for this event is $7, which is a bargain considering that all attendees will have a chance to dig in to some free pizza and soda.

We'll also be supplying a LAN for folks to plug in their machines (laptop or desktop) and play some games. Please bring your own game CD's. The very cool Oni Demo will be available for both platforms.

Admission is $7USD. This event is open to the press. Persons under 18 years of age are strongly suggested to have, at the very least, an adult escort to and from the event. We are not responsible for lost items, etc. You MUST be on your best behavior. You will be ejected at the organizer's own discretion, no excuses. You may arrive a little early, since Macworld Expo ends Friday at 4pm, but please be considerate of others looking to get in.

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Many thanks to the fine folks at Bungie for sponsoring part of this Fanfest!

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