The Bungie Fanfest @ Macworld NY 2000

Setting up...

Hamish and Simon take inventory of some of the goodies that are going to be raffled away tomorrow.

Check out all the Total Codex boxes! How many do you count?

Zar and Claude collating the stacks of Bungie Points. What good are these? Well, how many does one need to get that Myrkridia Statue again?
(hint hint!)

E3 uncut! Bungie's Halo fans are getting an extra treat! Unseen Halo footage! Can anyone guess what's written on those signs? Please send theories to the Story Page.

Simon holds up a clue! What the heck is this? Halo fan sites will now be burning the midnight oil :)

Hamish laughs at the old Bungie Tees (White? Who's idea was that?)
Which new design will be the hit of the fest? Story Page or Bungie's new design? You decide!

Miguel sports THE latest fashions in Bungie-wear. Straight from the Bungie Picnic, the 2nd and 3rd place Bungie Medals! What happened to the first place medal?

The boys take a break and check out the sights in the Big Apple.
Hamish holds on to Bungie's #2 fan! :)

Here's a rundown of the loot:

Total Codex                                        20 boxes
Action Sacks                                       18 boxes
Marathon Infinity                                  10 boxes
Marathon II (Mac only)                             10 boxes
Myth Total Soundtrack                               5 discs
Myth Comics                                        10 copies
Myth II: Soulblighter Posters                       5 foldups
Oni Door Posters                                    5 tubes
Oni T-Shirts                                        10 XL
Bungie T-Shirts ("Don't make us kick your ass!")    20 XL
Bungie Points                                      800 (80 10 point cards)

Limited Edition Prizes (these are going to be tougher to get!)
Medals                                               2 medals from the Bungie Picnic
Myth II: SB Animation Cels                           2 framed cels

Many thanks to the fine folks at Bungie for sponsoring this Fanfest!