March 26, 2003

Oni is Violent, Oh Yeah, Sure

OniFrom the Oldies, but Goodies Dept: This reporter has seen a number of diatribes on video game violence, including a few that pointed at Bungie games such as Marathon, Myth, and Halo... but Oni - you've got to be kidding me. Yes, dear reader, PBS affiliate WGBH produces a series called Culture Shock which chose Oni as an example of a highly violent video game for their interactive survey on video game violence. The mind boggles. Oni is the most tame video game Bungie has published since Gnop.

While I was under the initial impression that the survey was slanted against video game violence, it is actually fairly balanced - you just have to vote against the way any Bungie fan would naturally lean to see the pro-violent-video-games information.

And the results of the survey?

Of the 16913 visitors who've voted, 72% said yes, they thought this image [Oni artwork by Craig Mullins] should be on the homepage of this Web site; 27% said no, they thought that it should not.

One thing I've noticed - despite their promises, the Oni illustration is not on the homepage of their site. Next time I'm in Boston I need to hunt them down and kill them.

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