May 7, 2003

[] The Road to FanFest

The Road to FanFestThe Road to FanFest

SketchFactor fills us in on some of the preparation going into making this FanFest the event of the year.

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April 2, 2003

Bungie Fanfest Announced!

WOOHOO! It's happening! Keep an eye on and you should see the formal announcement of the latest crazy shindig perpetrated by the rocking and rolling fools that we all know and love, BUNGIE!!!


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March 13, 2003

Brian's Memorial Service

I must apologize for the delay, but with the assistance of fellow BORG'ers I have completed the story detailing my experiences at Brian Morden's memorial service back in the 22nd of February.

I'd like to thank again (and I'll never stop thanking) Mark and Rob for their support in helping deliver the eulogy to Brian. I think we were able to reach our goal of representing the people that never physically met Brian but have known and admired the man via the internet.

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February 23, 2003


Lots of <3Those who attended Brian Morden's funeral are now on their way back home. We have a report from guy who doesn't post....too often on how things went. It's worth a read.

We will post more links to the day's activities as they become available.

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February 22, 2003

Brian Morden Memorial Today

Remember Brian MordenToday is the day of Brian Morden's funeral and memorial service. We'd like to encourage those who knew him to set aside some time to play a game in memory Isi and wish the best to his family.

Remember, from now on when you put an Xbox controller down and it spontaneously throws a grenade, it probably was Isi who did it - he's a member of the Guardians now.

Many thanks to those who showed up last Thursday night on MariusNet to help raise money for the Brian Morden Memorial Fund. The peak attendance was 67 players which means MariusNet is donating $67 to the fund.

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February 19, 2003

Myth Night for Brian

Myth Night on Marius.Net for a very good cause!This Thursday night on Marius.Net will be a special night of Myth gaming in memory of Brian Morden. Marius.Net will contribute dollars equal to the peak number of players that are online Thursday night to the Brian Morden Memorial Fund. For example, if the maximum number of people on Marius.Net hits 777 then they will donate $777.00.

Help us break Conner financially; once the Marius.Net donations fund is drained, Conner has promised that he would make up the difference out of his own pocket. If you aren't a Marius.Net member then you need to register tomorrow before 5 PM EST! If you are a member then you need to pull out either of your Myth CDs. If you don't own Myth:The Fallen Lords or Myth II:Soulblighter then get out of my sight; you disgust me.

Since Thursday nights on Marius.Net is usually Myth:TFL night, I'll be there playing TFL co-op. Plz dont make me cap!

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July 19, 2002

NYC Bungie-holics Halo LAN fest!

It's been a few days now but I'm finally getting a chance to update this page. In short: It rocked! We had 18 folks show up, at one point we even had 22, so there was a constant set of large 8vs8 games going throughout the night. Click on the pic above and you'll see a nice large collage picture I made from closeup shots of most of us. I'll label it later with everyone's tag name.

1000x479 - 100k JPG

Other folks that attended the party have put up their own reports. Instead of trying to match their depth, I'll just let you click and check their own pages first before I bore you with my quick synopsis:

3of9's photo gallery

Team OverKill's game breakdown and pictures

Without a doubt, the best players were Team OverKill. These 4 guys from Staten Island play the game with alot of seriousness. And it shows! We were getting creamed by them regularly and even played a 4 vs 12 game of CTF/Blood Gulch and those guys REALLY did well. In some ways, it got a little 'too serious' and I started to get bummed that folks were yelling at each other. I'm into competition, but especially when we're all in one giant room, there's no need to yell and get pissed... especially if the people you're getting pissed at are not spectacular players and might not understand the strategy of the game we're playing. Anyway, soon we all calmed down, and the fun continued. But even that 'incident' was really no big deal, everyone had a great time, and I had fun playing with so many different folks. I know some other players, and I would love to see the Team OvK guys play with, for instance, the Linden Factory chapter, or even some folks from the Halo Junkies over in Connecticut. That would be a real test of skill vs skill. Maybe one day such an event will happen.

The other notable appearance was having Brian "Ar-Isulder" show up along with his family. I'm happy Brian had the energy to make it to the gathering. And low-blood count or no low-blood count, that dude can kick ass in Halo. :-)

This was the first time I've held a gathering in NYC, and I think it went well enough that you can expect another such LAN party in the future. I just can't predict when yet.

If you attended the party and want to add your own comments, just click below and post away. I'll add 'em to this page.

Discuss this

- Miguel

BS Forums

NYC Bungie-holics Chapter Page
Bungie Sightings Chapter Page

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May 31, 2002

[] State of The Seventh Column

State of The Seventh ColumnState of The Seventh Column

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