October 26, 2009

Community pages no more...

Geocities.com is closing today. Gone. Zilch. Zip. Nada.


If you do a google search like this or this or this or this,

You'll find dozens of sites that cropped up starting way back in the 90's born out of love for Bungie's games. I hope, though I doubt, that the owners of these sites backed up their pages somewhere! Lots of effort there (no matter how amateurish) that will disappear after today. :(

Ironically, yah, I know it's been ages since anyone's posted here. And goodness there are definitely pages that could use an update. It's under the good graces of our overlord Wu that this site still exists, and we're grateful to him! Unlike the fate of geocities, it's likely this site will exist for a long time to come! Still, the day of Bungie needed fan-driven support for their marketing outreach has gone the way of the dodo. They're one of the big boys now and a surface attempt to post something here that a) isn't about Halo and b) contributes something beyond the standard rah-rah is not easy for this old brain nowadays. But who knows? :)

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