August 8, 2008

New Game

The few hundred Bungie employees must be doing something to kill time up there in the Studio. What can it be?

Halo 4? Pathways 2? Perhaps Ling-Ling's jar finally broke and they're hard at work on the famed Gnop sequel?

Phoenix, resurrected? Minotaur, reconstructed? Myth or Oni, re-acquired?

Something entirely new, a pristine page in the big book of Bungie, ready to be filled with gaming goodness?

What can it be?

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One chance, and one chance only...

So, if you had the opportunity to ask Jason Jones one question, and one question only, what would it be?

Now, first, off, no one at Bungie has ever made this kind of an offer, least of all Jason, and especially not to me. To Mig perhaps, but he's so cagey that you never can tell what he's up to.

Anyway, assume you get to ask one question - no follow-ups or multiple questions in one sentence - and that it will be answered. What would it be?

People who blow their wad on stuff like, "Boxers or briefs?" will be first into the slingshot when the time comes (yes, I'm looking RIGHT AT YOU, Psyrixx).

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