April 27, 2007

Nail in the coffin for Halo Movie?

As reported in Variety and Deadline Hollywood Daily, Larry Shapiro has left his position at CAA. What's the big deal? Remember when Bungie would mention how they were meeting with CAA and shopping the Halo script around to movie production houses? Larry apparently was a big part of making those kind of meetings happen.

In 2003 Seamus Blackley, with obvious Microsoft pedigree, joined him, and the Halo Movie rumors didn't start until 2005, but it's not hard to imagine that it was Larry, not Seamus, that had the pull to get outfits like Universal and 20th Century Fox to sit down together with Microsoft and try to get the movie off the ground. Of course, even before Larry left CAA this whole thing has turned into a fiasco (don't believe me? Take a look), but who knows how much worse it is without the all-important 'broker' that can smooth talk folks into shaking hands and committing millions of dollars in getting something as audacious as a military-vs-alien sci-fi shoot-em-up based on a video game as seen through the eyes of I-never-knew-a-budget-I-couldn't-break Peter Jackson?

Could the movie still happen? What do I know? I guess it could, but with Halo 3 right around the corner, and what I would imagine severe-brain-fatigue at Bungie after so many years of Halo Halo Halo... I have to be honest and express my desire that someone at Bungie (Jason Jones is the usual suspect) has been visiting the local library and reading some new and interesting tales that will inspire the group to create something fresh. For us Halo fans, the movie would never have matched all our wishes and dreams for something so visually and emotionally visceral: your Rosebud moment is my Jump The Shark. A parallel opinion is the cynical take on music-hero worship: Is it better that Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin died so early in their lives, at the peak of their careers, then to see them age into out-of-touch entertainers desperately trying to connect with the masses through guest-shots on American Idol?

That doesn't mean Microsoft themselves won't pursue it if possible, and damn Bungie's input if any is forthcoming. But ugh, can you imagine? I don't want to.

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jusy do 4hrs old fashion movie with anime animators artist,computer animator and modelers nothing looks better than ship on blue screen bird of prey or star destroyer and cgi for large fleet.draw it out before you make it push the envelope.i love halo1&2 have conceptual artist and writers send in script or ideas they pay if idea are use for set pay.if film a success tell be awarded with percentage like star wars.have contest for concept art for movie.

Posted by: gary edwards on May 20, 2007 10:16 PM

is halo2 going to be on xp soon

Posted by: caleb on June 15, 2007 7:31 PM
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