April 25, 2006

The Bungie Acronym Compendium

JNAMSTFY. DMUKYA. ABTFIPASO5. These cryptic identifiers have entertained, enightened, frustrated, and confounded Bungie fans since the early days in Chicago. Found on nearly every game and soundtrack created or licensed by Bungie, a surprising number of these enigmatic acronyms remain unsolved.

Acronym Game Solution Confirmed by:
DMUKYA Marathon Don't Make Us Kick Your Ass  
MBIBTYB Marathon 2 My Bob Is Bigger Than Your Bob  
TBWSAF Marathon ∞ and Trilogy Trick Bitch Whore Slut Ass Fucker Alex Rosenberg
WACCSMD Myth Warcraft And Command & Conquer, Suck My Dick Max Hoberman
MRTEFCFY Myth Soundtrack    
TATRTSTS Myth II Total Annihilation True Real Time Strategy Totally Sucks Tuncer Deniz (below)
WUBNMH Myth II Soundtrack What's Up, Bitch? Not Much, Holmes Matt Soell
SPMLOAS Myth Total Codex    
YYMMDBATC Myth TC Soundtrack Yummy, Yummy, Munchy, Munchy, Dwarven Bones Are Tasty Crunchy Max Hoberman
ABTFIPASO5 Halo (GotY)    
SABABWL Halo Soundtrack    
ILWNL Halo PC    
JNAMSFTFY Halo 2    
EGATFIBGBCSIMAW Halo 2 Soundtrack Vol 1    
MNNGSBTFS Halo 2 Soundtrack Vol 1    
IOHBOY Halo 2 In-game map (Metropolis)    
SIOHBOY Halo 2 In-game credits    
TOFTMTWCLMB Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack    
HAISTCWITDO Halo 2 Soundtrack Vol 2    

There have been tons of different guesses as to these on a variety of different forums all over the place, so if you see one you think you know the answer to, feel free to post a comment. Hopefully, someone at Bungie will step in periodically and let us know how we're doing.

Remember that, although some of them contain a little bit of good-natured profanity, they're not all strings of foul language. Many of them are catchphrases heard around the Bungie offices during development of the related game.

Note: It's pretty obvious that EGATFIBGBCSIMAW refers to the skulls (Envy, Grunt Birthday Party, Assassins, Thunderstorm, Famine, I Would Of Been Your Daddy, Blind, Ghost, Black, Catch, Sputnik, Iron, Mystic, Anger) but since no one from Bungie has ever stepped in with any observations on the elusive W at the end, and public opinion is hardly conclusive, it's pretty pointless to keep throwing guesses about it around. Maybe somebody in the know would care to tell us a story? ;-)

Update For the record, here are a few of the more widely-recognized guesses on some of the unsolved ones:

SPMLOAS: Single-Player Myth, Loads (or Lots) Of Additional Shit
ILWNL: I Like (or Love) Winning, Not Losing
IOHBOY: I'm Only Here Because Of You
SIOHBOY: Sid, I'm Only Here Because Of You

Anyone who can confirm or deny these is always welcome. :-) Posted by mnemesis at April 25, 2006 08:33 PM | TrackBack

How about:

JNAMSFTFY = Just Not Another Marathon Sequel For The Fans Youknow

Maybe not :)

Posted by: Ciaran on April 27, 2006 12:20 PM

IOHBOY is I'm Only Here Because Of You, I think. Instert 'Sid' for the SIOHBOY variant.

Posted by: Jag on May 1, 2006 05:55 PM


I can't remember who it was (Marty?) who hinted that we hadn't found all the secrets in game: maybe there's *still* another skull? I reckon it'll appear after all of them have been collected. Or something stupid.

Posted by: Pixellated on May 1, 2006 09:32 PM

TATRTSTS - Total Annihilation True Real Time Strategy Totally Sucks. There, ya got another one. At the time TA was all the rage and they used to called themselves "true real-time strategy" which we hated so I put that in there to jab them a bit ;)

Posted by: Tuncer on May 19, 2006 05:43 PM

Excellent, and oh so close to many of the guesses on the old MSP acronyms page. Thanks, Tuncer. Always a pleasure to hear from any of the old-timers. ;-)

Posted by: mnemesis on May 19, 2006 06:00 PM

JNAMSFTFY - "Joke Not, Another Marathon Story Forum Theory For You"?

-- Steve

Posted by: Anton P. Nym on May 20, 2006 12:59 PM

Hehehe. The good old EGATFIBGBCSIMAW. Well, try going through the game [halo 2] on legendary and collect all the skulls, and look around while fighting Tarturus. You will see what the W means.

-- Iceman

Posted by: Anoyomous on June 21, 2006 01:13 AM


I Like Winning, Never Losing

That just came out, and didn't give it much thought!

See me on Halo 2, XBOX Live. My Gamertag has something to do with a dizzle and a dazzle + dog.

Posted by: Dazzledog on July 1, 2006 09:20 PM

it means maw is gate with a big frikon club

Posted by: darkmatter on July 10, 2006 08:23 PM

New acronym for ya guys, from the Halo Graphic Novel:


Have fun!

Posted by: AfroRyan on July 18, 2006 02:25 AM
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