October 23, 2005

Did Stubbs make an appearance?

Caught this on Slashdot. Apparently there's a 'grassroots' Zombie Lurch that has been occurring annually for the last few years, in different cities. Madison, WI (A lovely city by the way, I attended a LAN there a few years back) is this year's 'victim' of the zombie horde. You can check out a bunch of the pics here, here and here, and I must say, it looks exactly like certain scenes in Stubbs. Quite charming actually. :) One could imagine someone in that crowd is a Stubbs fan, but I didn't spot anyone trying to corner his look. Too bad. :(

As for the actual Xbox game, I'm not done with it, though I sense I'm just a few levels away from completion.

Posted by bs at October 23, 2005 8:56 PM

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