November 3, 2004

Celebrity Voices

Joseph Staten mentions in a recent interview over at Gamespy (thanks HBO) the particular challenge he faced when writing lines for distinguished actors who lent their voice talents to the game. He reveals that the alien named "Prophet of Truth", was an especially interesting character to write lines for, knowing the particular nuances the actor would bring to the table.

I have a hunch we see this prophet speaking in Halo 2's first TV commercial. And my pop-culture-saturated brain also tells me that the actor that can deliver a line "There are those that said this day would never come" as deliciously as he did is in fact John Hurt. Quite the skilled actor, I certainly concur.

NOTE I've been put in my place... It's not John Hurt, but damn it sure sounds like him!

So I wonder what other mystery actors have lent their skills to the game? And looking at that bit of the commercial when coupled with such talented voice actors, the stirrings of a Halo Movie resurface in my thoughts... but not as a live-action movie but indeed an all-CG version. Hell, an all-CG version using the Halo Engine!

Posted by bs at November 3, 2004 6:02 PM

I thought Frankie already confirmed that John Hurt is not in Halo 2?

Where he says:

" My favorite voice sounds like (but isn't) John Hurt (we should ask Joe about this) and the sheer variety of voices is outstanding."

I agree it does sound like Hurt.. but frankly, like a younger John Hurt. The gravel in Hurt's voice isn't there in that Prophet's voice; but the tone is correct.

Posted by: narcogen on November 3, 2004 10:51 PM

Damn, that's what I get for jumping back into updating this site... egg on my face! :)

btw, it doesn't matter if he kinda sounds like Mr. Hurt... you can post-process the audio enough that you could really peel back the years if you're crafty enough.

- M

Posted by: Miguel on November 3, 2004 11:25 PM

The voice that speaks of keeping up the campaign aginst the humans sounds like Keith David, a very well known voice actor.

Posted by: Kynmore on November 4, 2004 2:07 AM

I know Keith David's voice pretty well. Doesn't seem like a match to me, but who knows?

Posted by: Miguel on November 4, 2004 2:21 AM

Heh Mig... sorry.

Of course, Louis does the same thing to ME all the time :)

Posted by: narcogen on November 4, 2004 2:53 AM

Playing Halo on Easy = watching the movie.
Inviting friends over to play coop = going to see it in a theater.

On the other hand, doing that would give you a movie with pretty lame action sequences. The hypothetical me who has an Xbox will play on Legendary, even though it means taking time that could be spent on other great games like KotOR, XIII, and Thief 3.

Playing the game is also much more expensive than seeing a movie. You could rent it, but you probably won't finish it in time; certainly not in 2 hours. And you don't need to buy 3 new DVD players every 3 years to watch all the latest movies, nor does every commercial movie release need to include all the latest computer-generated special effects.

But if everyone makes games for the previous generation of hardware, how do the hardware makers stay in business? If gaming systems become so standardized that anyone can make them, could you prevent the instabilties and driver conflicts PC games have? It seems nobody's figured out yet how the game industry should really work. Or maybe I haven't figured out why it's really fine the way it is.

Or maybe I should compare games to books. There are too many excellent ones for someone to be able to finish all the ones that appeal to them. I guess that's just how life works. 2/3 of the population will labor to entertain etcetera.

Though I'm also a slow reader, and I don't set aside much time for reading apart from school and forums.

"Now if you were to take Document's last 50 posts and string them together, that would be long-winded." I think it would look like this post. I won't go back and do any more editing, because I've wasted enough time already when I should be working.

Posted by: Andrew Nagy (Document) on November 5, 2004 9:04 PM

I guess the price of games isn't such a valid complaint. 3-year-old games and last-generation consoles are generally quite cheap.

A Halo movie would still be viewable 20 years from now. Then again, if Microsoft keeps it up with the backward compatibility thing, maybe it won't be hard to pick up play Halo either.

I want Marathon for Xbox!

Posted by: Andrew Nagy on November 5, 2004 9:16 PM

I make an entry about Celebrity Voices and you post twice about... what exactly?

Time to change your meds Doc buddy.

Posted by: Miguel on November 6, 2004 3:26 AM

Well, the thing I was replying to was the bit at the end. "...the stirrings of a Halo Movie resurface in my thoughts... but not as a live-action movie but indeed an all-CG version. Hell, an all-CG version using the Halo Engine!"

I was trying to say I thought a Halo movie would be redundant to the game, but then I couldn't decide if that was true.

Posted by: Andrew Nagy on November 6, 2004 10:25 AM

Oh I see... there's plenty of other aspects of the storyline that could be mined for a movie. That would, in fact, be the perfect way of avoiding the criticisms from gamers of either "It's lame, it follows the game exactly!" or "How stupid, they completely missed the feeling I had when playing that level!"

As a matter of fact, I once posted long ago on HBO forums that I think a great scenario would have the movie following a new recruit and how *he* sees the Master Chief through the various battles. That would better convey the awesomeness of the MC to the audience, and let the movie get away with not having to recreate every single action scene in the game, but pick the best ones that they can pull off convincingly.

Posted by: Miguel on November 6, 2004 10:36 AM

Strange, why would they hire John Hurt for Halo 2 (yes, he does have a voice in Halo2... check IMDB and then click on more.. and you see John hurt credited as The Prophet) If they already have a guy that sounds exactly like him... sounds like a waste of money....

Posted by: Rutger Stevelmans on November 29, 2004 5:13 PM

That's a mistake on Someone needs to correct them. It's Michael Wincott as the voice of the prophet. If you have Halo2 LE you can even see him in the recording sessions.

Posted by: Miguel on November 29, 2004 5:51 PM

Miguel is right, i have the same thing

Posted by: Jameson on March 29, 2005 6:50 PM

if u want the halo seasons 1 and 2 email me

Posted by: Jameson on March 29, 2005 6:53 PM

iwant halo seasons 1 & 2

Posted by: scarface on March 29, 2005 6:57 PM

Hey does anyone know where I can get the sounds like the voices from halo? If so please e-mail me the link thank you so much.

Posted by: Daniel on July 1, 2005 8:45 AM

If anyone knows where I can get the voices off halo as a .wav file that be great please e-mail me the link at Thank you so much.

Posted by: Daniel on July 1, 2005 8:49 AM

yeah both halos are the sickest but halo has good campain and halo2 has good multiplayer they should put them toger so it will be sicker yeah!

Posted by: darren on July 11, 2005 2:00 AM

Who is the celebrity voice on the commercial for "", the spot where it shows the fat guys clearing out a schoolhouse to show how many kids have died of AIDS?

I'm close, but I can't nail the voice down.

Posted by: Matt on October 3, 2005 4:34 AM

The intro voice for "There are those that said this day would never come" Michael Wincott

Posted by: Alex on February 16, 2006 2:31 AM
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