April 21, 2004

When Is An Image Just An Image?

mnem goes a-pondering...

Way back last year, there was an art contest held over at HBO, for fans to submit their own, non-digital artwork. In addition to some nice monetary prizes, the grand prize winner received a signed, framed, original work by Lorraine McLees. One of the interesting things noted at the time was that, while there are characters from all of Bungie's own games in that print, drawn in a style that evokes each game's era, there is an additional character on the bottom right corner. Yes, it's a Minotaur. Yes, Bungie already had a game called, not surprisingly, Minotaur. However, there's another Minotaur character on the print, the obviously 2-D guy behind the Grunt on the left-hand side. Why is it that the Minotaur was drawn in so detailed a fashion, when the other character from the game was made more "authentic" in 2-D?

Well, this puzzle (if indeed it is a puzzle) won't die. Over on the new Bungie.Net, the saga of the "well-drawn Minotaur" continues. One of the new features added with the B.Net update is the ability to specify an avatar for forum posts, etc. Two more versions of the character (here and here) are among the more well-known choices. Additionally, the same artwork from the POA contest is used as a background on the Inside Bungie page.

Of course, it all could be a coincidence, you say. Someone just felt like drawing a more contemporary, detailed Minotaur, which also happened to make a good avatar choice, you say. Hah! I say. Bungie? Coincidence? I say this is worth looking into further. After all, they've got to work on something after Halo, right? ;-)

Posted by mnemesis at April 21, 2004 3:46 PM