March 23, 2004

Don't Be Yourself, Be Someone Cooler

Blech. Here I sit in a crummy motel room, ice machine rattling merrily away outside the door, with nothing to do but reminisce about the amazingly surreal, yet eminently satisfying turn of events that took place one night last week.

I had gone to see the Barenaked Ladies (Shut up, all of you! Yeah, NOW I've seen Frankie's post and Burnie's post and all that, but THEN I hadn't. Shush.) at the local concert hall, along with the wife and two other couples. I should point out here that, of the six of us, I was the only Halo fan. My family and all our friends just nod and smile nervously, backing gently away whenever I start in on Halo and the Covenant and plasma weapons and box canyons in space and whatnot. Weird. Anyway, there I was, totally out of the Halo universe, sipping overpriced drinks, getting into the groove when Gah! Red vs. Blue! Up on the big screen! Talk about bizarre. The strangest thing (actually a really cool thing, but strange nonetheless) was that the crowd "got it." The two videos shown were big hits! Yay, Red vs. Blue guys! What little I can actually remember about the two videos is as follows.

The first concerned Sarge letting the guys know that they were being given shore leave to attend a Barenaked Ladies show. There was some griping about whether or not this would be "cool", but after realizing that chicks go to Barenaked Ladies concerts, their opinions, er, shifted somewhat.

The second was another PSA, this one on "Proper Concert Behavior". I'd just screw it up if I tried to recount it, but, suffice to say, it was pretty funny. (The title of this post gives you a taste of it) ;-)

You wanna see an exclusive RvB? Go to a concert and you just might! :-)

Posted by mnemesis at March 23, 2004 1:15 AM
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