October 21, 2003

[b.net] Bungie Art Grrrl McLees

Bungie Art Grrrl McLeesBungie Art Grrrl McLees

Mysteriously named Bungie "friend" Brooke Szabo interviews the hardest working woman in rock-and-roll... er, purple-haired ass-kicker... ah, that is to say, Bungie's own Lorraine McLees, illustrator extraordinaire.

By the way, check out the image at the bottom of the interview, with Lorraine standing next to a poster with "Bungie 10" up at the top of it. There's a better view of this poster here. Take a good look at the creature on the bottom right. I think we might be seeing that guy some day...

Posted by mnemesis at October 21, 2003 12:00 AM
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