August 29, 2003

[] Making the Halo 2 E3 Demo - Engineering

Making the Halo 2 E3 Demo - EngineeringMaking the Halo 2 E3 Demo - Engineering

Apparently, Bungie have these guys called engineers working on Halo 2. Beats me what this group of chaps actually does, but you may be able to glean more info than I did in this article SketchFactor decided to post on a whim to conclude the old "Making of the E3 Demo" series I thought he ended twice already. Whatever.


Posted by gholsbane at August 29, 2003 2:04 AM

there should be a wacky racing halo. were you race whith the new and old cars. and the covonant cars. ghosts, worthogs, tanks, banshes, and the new cars comming in halo 2.

Posted by: paul on September 28, 2003 2:26 PM

there should be a halo movie.

Posted by: paul on September 28, 2003 2:27 PM

yes there should be a halo movie!!!!!!!!!!!

and another halo after halo 2 and another and another and another and another and another and another...............


Posted by: JOE on October 10, 2003 7:11 AM

they should have cool cars and cool guns

Posted by: kenny on December 10, 2003 6:16 PM

I hope this game rocks and it should be the game of the year

Posted by: kenny on December 10, 2003 6:19 PM

HI, I am wanting 2 now where I (myself) can find the demo(Halo fo P.C). I have searched almost 100 sites and really want 2 try it before I buy it.

P.S My friends love da game so I hope I like it 2!
Love u gamers lots: -=-(+){UNKNOWN}(+)-=-

Posted by: Unknown on December 23, 2003 9:38 PM

yer u can use da fuel rod gun and pilot da wriath and use the warthog with rocket launcher! ps. anyone else apart frm me noticed that all the human vehicles are named after animals, (pelican, warthog, scorpion), and the covenant vehicles are named after mythical horror monsters, (ghost, wriath,banshee)!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: lewis on February 16, 2004 5:20 AM

I am glad to have so many fans. I am pretty sure
that all of them across the world will be fond of
my new adventure. I hope that Earth will be safe
against the Covenant and I will be here to make sure of that. With love to all, "Stay strong"!!
-Master Chief

Posted by: Master Chief on February 19, 2004 8:22 PM

Your destruction is the will of the Gods and we are their instrument. The one with the special armor will not stop us. Plus, I can float and I am a cool Covenant leader. You will see me in the game. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Posted by: Prophet Zummamee on February 19, 2004 8:25 PM

The material in the new game is incredible. It is thousands and thousands of valuable information in seconds. The new enemies the MC and I have encountered were great in the making. We had a lot of fin working with them. Too bad MC killed them... one of the Grunts was pretty cute..:}

Posted by: Cortana on February 19, 2004 8:28 PM
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