April 17, 2003


As is no doubt clear, when PD takes a break from the site, this place turns into a ghost town. His energy and enthusiasm for all things Bungie is plain for all to see and I would like to trumpet my appreciation for his presence here to all corners of Bungie fandom.

That said, I'd like to let you all know that I am working on stuff that's soon to pay off. First, there's the Pillar of Art contest. Yesterday we received our first entry, and I'm sure more will be coming over the next few days. The deadline is May 16 and I'm very anxious to see the kind of work Halo fans will produce in natural media. The entry I'm looking at right now from Richard White is quite impressive.

Second there's the upcoming Bungie Fanfest to be held the night of May 15 on the floor of the E3 Expo. Of all the fanfests so far, this is destined to be the biggest and baddest one yet. The seats have been filled, but there is a standby database where you can still sign up and hopefully get a chance to attend. Some surprises are being worked on and there may be an announcement soon to update folks on what to expect.

And there you have it!

Posted by bs at April 17, 2003 9:51 AM
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