February 11, 2003

Matt's on the Soapbox

In the tradition of rants by Eric Klein, Doug Zartman, and Alexander Seropian, Matt Soell stands tall on the soapbox delivering an excellent piece: On the Bungie Way. In his monograph, Soell talks about the unique working environment that Bungie has created and why it has persisted to this day.

At one point, Soell makes a reference to "some half-assed Bungie version of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." I would like to point out that there are seven main points to his dissertation. It's nice to know when Bungie takes hold of your mind, it stays that way - even for Mr. Soell.

Matt Soell

Matt Soell Status: Bunged
Hiredate: Early 1995
Doing: Destroying myths while in the process of creating them.

AKA msoell. AKA Boner Totem. AKA Crewman One. AKA Proud Flesh. Originally hired to do tech support, Soell slept and blackmailed his way to the top of the Bungie pyramid. Damage and spin, Marathon 2: Durandal. Damage and spin, Marathon Infinity. Documentation, damage and spin, Myth: The Fallen Lords. Documentation, damage and spin, Myth II: Soulblighter. Additional writing, damage and spin, voice of Crewman #1, Halo: Combat Evolved. Once won a contest to see Bob Mould and forced Bob to say, "We're Everywhere!" Dislikes John Leguizamo.

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