February 12, 2003

Jonas Eneroth Remembers

One of the thing that has always bugged this reporter was the mystery of the two Eneroths. Jonas Eneroth worked on the port of Marathon 2: Durandal to the PC. David Eneroth was listed as one of the writers of the Myth: The Fallen Lords manual. Eneroth is not a common name (outside of Sweden) so I figured there had to be a connection. Was it true that Bungie was experimenting with cloning as early as 1996?

After a bit of googling, I was able to locate Jonas at Wired Realms. I dashed off a note to him and he graciously replied. His email dropped tantalizing hints about Super Marathon and other Bungie projects rarely mentioned.

In a nutshell, the question I asked him was this:

Why is 'David' Eneroth credited in the Myth: TFL manual? Is that a screw up or part of some darker design?

To which he replied:

I think the David thing is just an honest screw up. As far as I recollect, I got a PR & Spin designation at the end. Maybe a mix-up between sales and business development.... (i.e. Eneroth/Joost). Anyway, managed to make Eidos pay way too much money for it... and me as it turns out, I ended up being their Executive Producer for a while.

Alas, none of my MP maps made it into the final build, expect for the special edition map we made for a German games magazine that had their logo superimposed on the top of one of the KotH maps. That was pretty cool.

Anyway, great to hear that the Bungie flame is still alight even after the dark side taking over, especially as I got started with Bungie simply by making maps.

If memory serves me right, I had the good fortune to be employee number 7 as well as the then replacement for Gregg Kirkpatrick after he left for NYC, I think my first designation was Content Engineer or something like that... worked on the Ill fated Super Marathon and the aborted Playstation conversion... and had the painful honour of trying to do the Japanese and Korean localizations of M:TFL.

Oh well, fond memories of the best place on earth ;)

I always thought Super Marathon was some sort of inside Bungie joke. ... and a Playstation port? Egads! What dark and dangerous Bungie secret will be revealed next?

Jonas Eneroth

Jonas Eneroth Status: Former Bungie
Hiredate: Early 1996
Termdate: 02/27/1998
Doing: Games for cell phones.

Wrote The Marathon 2 Strategy Guide. Windows team scenarios, Marathon 2: Durandal PC. Production assistance, network maps, quality assurance, Forge documentation, Marathon Infinity. During the development of Myth: The Fallen Lords he was held up at gunpoint outside the Bungie offices! Damage and spin, Myth: The Fallen Lords (name incorrect). Created a netmap for Damage, Inc. and later went on to work on more games. Now works for Wired Realms in London.

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