February 14, 2003

[b.net] Soul Survivor

Oft overlooked, constantly tourtured, once forced to share a bathroom with Cortana (the old one, not the pretty one) - Bungie finally gives the Disembodied Soul some love in an article on BungieNet.

Throb on over and read it and then be on the lookout for mislabeled Marathon Infinity disks. I hear that when they get every one of them back they will let him go... er, it go.

After reading the interview twice, I can't get over the feeling that I'm seeing two mirrors reflecting into infinity.

Disembodied Soul

Disembodied Soul Status: Bungie Thrall
Damneddate: Early 1997
Last Sighted: 02/14/2003
Doing: Random acts of verbage.

AKA Disembodied Soul. Answerer of Bungie related questions. Sentenced to eternal damnation for putting improper labels on Marathon Infinity discs. Lives "in the deepest bowels of the Bungie metaserver." Has a dog named Ralfie, who "guards the gates to the darkest depths of the bungie.net metaserver." Slightly more cryptic than Matt Soell, which leads us to believe that Matt is actually a Perl script. Homepage.

Disembodied Soul: The Interview (BNet)

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