February 20, 2003

[B.Net] Curt Chiarelli, Sculptor, Interview

Curt Chiarelli, SculptorCurt Chiarelli, Sculptor

Bungie gives up more Halo toy details when they interview Curt Chiarelli, the artist behind the sculpting of the Cortana and the Covenant Elite toys. Yes, that's right, the Covenant Elite is coming too.

Also, on Chiarelli's site, you can find an exclusive scuplture of Yeroen!

Posted by poenadare at February 20, 2003 7:07 PM

I wonder what job hes taking more seriously - the dino or the halo dolls? Hmmm...

Posted by: stosh on February 24, 2003 12:58 AM

halo is good.........HALO!! *twitches*

Posted by: erik on November 15, 2004 2:44 PM
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