January 2, 2003

Marathon over IP Firewire

Apple released a preview of IP over Firewire for OSX a few weeks back, then mysteriously closed it from public access a week or so later... currently you have to be a member of the ADC to get access to the installer. It's a straight-ahead install; the classic Apple ease-of-implementation still shows up from time to time, which is always a pleasure, let me tell you.

What does this have to do with the classic Bungie game Marathon? Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly! :)

A running thread about IP/Firewire over at my favorite Apple news source, Macintouch, has a comment from someone that must've gotten his hands on a really old version of Firewire/IP years ago and had this to say:

Back when Apple was developing Firewire and the only 1394 solution on Macs was through PCI cards, my friend and I played Bungie's Marathon over a Firewire network on a couple of "screamin'" 7600/180s in his lab at Apple. It's nice to see ages-old technology finally coming out of the woodwork.

Obviously, this means that the implementation back then during the days of Power Macintosh 7600 iron was of the Appletalk-over-Firewire kind.

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how does it works

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