January 9, 2003


So my little rant sparked some new material over at the mothership.

Anything I can do to help guys. :-)

Posted by bs at January 9, 2003 12:18 AM

I'm interested to know whether you feel their response has changed your view. Despite Claude's comment on HBO, I myself doubt that you consider yourself "slammed". Thoughts.

I myself am actually pleased with the mugs, they seem good quality and the grunt one tickles me. I'll probably get the 7th Column one though.

Posted by: Gholsbane on January 9, 2003 4:50 AM

I think it's all in good fun. And I'm honored! And... er... slammed as well! :)

My view hasn't changed. Why should it? Marty lovingly describes a 14-oz mug? It's still a MUG. I genuinely want more than just mugs and shirts. Wouldn't any warm-blooded Bungie fan? Aren't we doing them a favor by letting them know that? My tough love rant was just that: tough love.

I'm sure the mugs are of the highest quality, but I'm going to take a pass at them. I'm really over that phase of my fanhood. Plus, I'll be honest, money is very tight nowadays. But enough about me. They are there for you to enjoy. If you want one, I don't want to stop you from getting one. And, as Matt reminds us: all proceeds from any purchase at the Bungie store gets funneled back into future fanfests, etc. That's a good, no, a great thing.

Let me be the fall guy for those that want more. I don't mind. It's least I could do.

Here's something you may not know. Keep it between you and me. In my encounters with the guys at Bungie, I've found that they don't know how fucking amazing a company they are. Would you believe it if I told you that one person thought the Ancient Halo video was going to bore us? Can you believe it? I think they're still burned by their earlier experiences as a game company. They remember the phone hang-ups and the screw-overs from the media. So I think that clouds their thinking; they get very conservative. So what else can I do? I need to add to the voice of those that say WALLOW IN YOUR GREATNESS! SHOVE IN OUR FACE THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS MERCHANDISE! WE'LL BITE, I SWEAR!

Posted by: Miguel on January 9, 2003 9:03 AM

Grunt plushies aren't even that outrageous.


Posted by: mnemesis on January 10, 2003 1:46 AM

Yah, but can you picture a Quake plushie? I think that makes it quite outrageous. :)

Posted by: Miguel on January 10, 2003 8:55 AM

A few things:

1. The article was never intended as a real slam at anyone. Had I actually slammed Miguel, I'm sure he'd have noticed. :-)

2. Sometimes you're just sitting around the office and you suddenly find out that the mugs that were supposed to go up on the site on Friday are already for sale, and you have to say something before bungie.org scoops you on your own product yet again, and you grab the first angle that comes to you and run with it.

3. There are definitely things that are even cooler than the mugs. Some of those things are in the works. The mugs were finished first, iz all.

4. Plushies are still under investigation. If we can do it without charging $100 per plushie, we will.

5. The real news is not the mugs but our ability to finally make good on the "boatloads of new stuff" promise we've been making for ages. Now that we have someone managing the store full-time we'll be able to do a lot of stuff that previously fell through the cracks. This is just a starting point. The journey of a thousand miles, blah blah blah, etc.


Posted by: Matt on January 10, 2003 8:17 PM

Thanks for the info Matt. We all eagerly await with bated breath (and open wallets!).

That Mullins framed poster on the webcam looks very nice.

Posted by: Miguel on January 10, 2003 11:45 PM
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