January 20, 2003

Bungie enters the collectibles market

Spotted by the very sharp-eyed brandontyler over at the HBO forums, looks like we'll finally be getting those Halo figurines. Here's the press release. The company, Racing Champions ERTL, has a subsidiary, Joyride Studios that will actually create the models. I thought their current Mechwarrior lineup might be a good example of what to expect from them. It's nice stuff, and I'll judge the quality of the finished product when it finally ships, but I noticed that a different subsidiary, William Britain specializes in military scenarios. Check out their 2002 archives for some pretty cool scenes that could, with a few tweaks, fit right into the Halo Universe.

That's pretty funny, because when I wrote my rant a few weeks ago, I did some quick research to see if such products were feasible, and I'm pretty sure I stumbled unto the William Britain website.

A possible reality check: I know a teeny bit about the process in creating these models, so if in fact they are *just* starting to work on getting these figures out, usually the turnaround time is, in the best situation, 6 months. However, it could very well be that they've been working on them for a while now and we might see them sooner. I might make myself less anxious if I just resign myself to not seeing these until Halo 2 is released. An official ETA would help, of course. We know where Bungie stands on giving release dates, but I wonder if Joyride has a different take on that. :)

Regardless, I'm psyched, aren't you? Let's hope the sales for these figures and the licensing fees MS is charging are in the proper range to keep them coming.

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Here's a heads up for all you Halo 2 figure fans out there, the first announcement anywhere. In conjunction with RC2, Bungie & Joyride Studios, we are proud to present our first exclusive action figure set. The stealth mode Covenant Elite leads his band of Special-Ops Grunts into battle against the brave Master Chief and Camo Spartan. Introducing the Halo 2 Mini Series Active Camo 5-Pack! Only a certain amount will be allocated for sale on the web, the rest coming with us throughout the convention circuit this year, so pre-order today and guarantee your set. $17.99 until June 11th, $18.99 until July 11th and regular price there afterwards. Release date is scheduled for August 2005. Produced in a Limited Edition of 5000 pieces worldwide and only available at www.nonstoptoys.com

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