November 23, 2002

Old Gallery is Back!

For the longest time (since the physical move to Redmond, maybe even a little before) the old screenshot gallery perl script has been non-functional. Folks who like to dream up conspiracy theories thought it had to do with some sort of Microsoft draconian measure. "YOU SHOW OLD PRODUCT, YOU DIE!" or some such nonsense. Others, who just got into Bungie via Halo, never got a chance to bask in the coolness of the official Bungie screenshot gallery.

Well looks like the Bungie Online team finally got around to figuring out what the problem was with the script, tweaked a *single* character, and now it's all back. Of course, they announced that they fixed it, but do they give you any direct links to the gallerys? Guess they're busy enough that they couldn't do that. :)

Well, that's where we step in. Below are all 9 screenshot galleries by product. I doubt there are others, but you never know. :)

Minotaur Screenshots (3)

Pathways into Darkness Screenshots (8)

Marathon Screenshots (7)

Marathon 2 Screenshots (7)

Marathon Infinity Screenshots (7)

Abuse Screenshots (7)

Myth: The Fallen Lords Screenshots (11)

Myth 2: Soulblighter Screenshots (13)

Myth: The Total Codex Screenshots (7)

If you're wondering why the Halo screenshots aren't listed, it's because those are running over at, and they've never been down. Halo Screens are here.

Okay, I guess you're wondering about Pimps at Sea. Yes, it's a 'sekrit' page, but what the hell, here's the gallery, but there are only 3 screens. I wonder if we'll ever get to see some new ones?

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