November 9, 2002

Halo offers Good Vibrations?

While browsing, I noticed a link to a, hmm, interesting review of the game Rez, made for Playstation2.

I've heard alot of good things about the game, a sort of non-violent trance-music game (if memory serves, Marty O, Bungie's Audio/Music man, has mentioned playing it) made by some of the geniuses over at Sega. If I could get my brother, the PS2 owner of the family, to rent/purchase it, I'd love to give it a go.

However, after reading the article, you may find, like I did, new reasons for getting this game. Especially with the special 'trance vibrator' made exclusively for the game. Girl gamers or boy gamers with girls that are a bit into the kink, take note: this is a game made for you.

Quite simply, the 'trance vibrator' is exactly what it says it is. A vibrating pak that buzzes and groans as you play the game. The more you play the game and 'progress' up the levels, the more intense the vibrating. Do I need to paint you a picture? How about photographs then? Well, there here ya go.

NOTE: Link above is not work-safe, nor young-kids safe. No explicit nudity is shown however.

If I may add to this particular topic, it seems the folks involved with creating the game in the first place knew exactly what they were up to, just read what some of the women in their staff have to say about the game on their own website:

Mineko Okamura / senior assistant producer
"I also have a lot of private episodes concerning the production of Rez, and it has become a very special game for me. I hope a lot of people will be able to play Rez, and I really think they should! Please don't judge it singularly by it's appearance. Play it first and you'll see what I mean!"

Yu Omura / assistant director
"It taught me many many many things."


So what does this have to do with Halo? Jane, the author of the article, a girl-gamer if there ever was one, mentioned that 'feeling good' and rumble-paks are not anything new for the curious girl gamer. To wit:

"I did discover that Halo was a pretty good game for this (although for not much else), because as the gunner in the Warthog, you have unlimited ammo and you can just park yourself somewhere and rat-tat-tat to your heart's content."

So, while I, of course, disagree with her assessment of Halo, I'm happy she was able to get something out of it. The more wicked side of me wonders if there are any girl Halo fans in our community that could spend the time and inspect different aspects of the game (weapons, in-engine cut-scene FX, explosions, etc.) and rate how they rate on the 'pleasure-meter.' It seems obvious that the LAG on the back of the Jeep is a 10, but how does the rest compare? I would imagine The Maw, with all its explosions and laser-fire, would rate quite highly. Especially as a co-op game, since such vibrations travel across both controllers, letting one of you drive and the other sit back and enjoy the show. Ahem.

So the next time you're trying to get your girlfriend or wife to play Halo, let her ride Gunner, remind her that the ammo is 'free' and to just press the trigger to her heart's content. :)

Posted by bs at November 9, 2002 2:15 PM

Wow. Color me na´ve, but I had never thought that a game manufacturer would take this extra step. I wonder if they have some other explanation for the device to give to corporate execs, stockholders, etc.?

Posted by: mnemesis on November 9, 2002 2:41 PM

"I did discover that Halo was a pretty good game for this (although for not much else)"


Posted by: vector on November 26, 2002 8:22 PM

this is the best

Posted by: fhhh on October 16, 2003 8:29 AM
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